What Is The UK’s Favourite Indian Meal

What Is The UK’s Favourite Indian Meal

With so many different Indian food choices available, it would be a difficult decision to choose just one to be the UK’s favourite Indian meal! However, despite the huge variety available, there can be only one true winner deserving of that lucrative top spot.

Drum roll please … and the winner is Chicken Tikka! This dish has long been the most popular Indian meal across the whole length of the UK, whether at your local restaurant, pub or even in the comfort of your own home. Boneless chicken, served with a selection of herbs and spices is one of the most accessible meals, introducing many to the joys of spicy food. Its birthplace was in the Punjab region of India, traditionally small pieces of chicken are marinated with yoghurt and a selection of different spiced ingredients, whilst baked using skewers. The name “Tikka” is translated literally into “pieces” which refers to the small amounts of chicken used within the meal.

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