The bar and grill you now know as Copper Fox has a long and varied history, originally called the Hillyfields pub which was first built in 1958. The land was originally home to a farm and its surrounding fields, in fact this is how the name was first born.

Behind the building there was once a river which used to flow beneath the pub and on many occasions the cellar became flooded, in fact many of the locals stored their small boats inside.

One of our customers still remembers the day it first opened, now at the grand age of 93 and still going strong has seen the pub transform from its original inception to the new modern bar and grill that has now taken its place.

During the course of its history, the pub was divided into 2 sections. The bar and lounge, both boasted their own individual entrances. Over time this caused a divide between the 2 sets of clientele, the lounge had overall higher prices than the bar. Even now this separation still remains.

Since the new modernisation, this has allowed both sides to mingle more.